We fight for privacy

That's why we created our own manifest

Our privacy manifest

We don't save and provide your data to anyone

Data ownership

You own the data, You own the device, You own the key. We don't store any information (including encrypted information about what you transfered)

Data privacy

You set your own encryption key which is used to encrypt and decrypt your files. We don't keep any information about your key.

Data compliance

Your data can stay behind your firewall! You don't need to grant internet access to your private cloud. it's your choice

Local access

if you don't believe in our cloud privacy protection you can disable internet access to your device on your router and use it in your Local network

Swiss protection

If you decide to use it with assigned web-address you will use SecuredBox DNS cloud based in Switzerland that is under The Swiss Federal Data Protection Act. If you don't believe us you can believe swiss Law that protects your privacy

Updates policy

No automatic updates! You decide when to update your device and we always provde full description of what was changed. We use Docker to update your device, so you can always get back to any previous update!

Double encryption

Your device has a hardware key, You own your personal key. Every file is encrypted with connection of your hardware and personal key. We use AES the best encryption standard

Backup protection

Every single find send to cloud is encrypted and can’t be deoced without your device even if someone steal your personal key

Transfer protection

We don’t transfer your data through our server if that’s not necessary! Using UPNP we estabilish direct web-socket connection between you and your BOX and files are transfered directly. We only help to transfer data if you are in extremally bad place with NAT.


If your connection over HTTPs will be compromised we can offer you a compensation up to 5000 USD from our SSL provider

Log policy

Strict Zero log policy about your device and traffic going through our DNS server.

SSL protection

Your device is equipped with full commercial SSL certificate with valid insurance

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