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Meet Dave, the Lawyer

He runs a small law firm in NYC

Dave uses the device to store his clients’ sensitive files. Encryption helps him secure files in a professional way. Dave has 10 employees who work on different cases. He grants access to specific case folders to the particular people inside and outside the company that need to be involved. Conference calls help him communicate privately with clients.

Professionals use securedbox for leak protection.

They can easily involve team members and clients who lack technical knowledge.

Case management

Design and simplicity allows you to create case folders for all important documents. The device helps protect files from being stolen, infiltrated or destroyed.

Easy access

The device gives lawyers easy access to their cases from anywhere in the world. They can also share files without using email, which protects communication.


Securedbox is the perfect device for creating digital case archives. Two drives and third-party location syncing keep files secure for years.

Meet Stan, the Businessman

He's an insurance broker

Stan sells a lot of insurance. When a client wants to buy insurance, he needs to prepare an offer and, later, a contract. He needs to store the files somewhere safe, because they contain sensitive information. Stan also wants to give access to files to his clients instantly without using email, which can reveal their personal information.

Data files are under constant threat

Only a device in your home or office will secure your right to privacy.

Encryption is a key

Every single file is encrypted with your personal key. The device use strong AES encryption to protect your privacy

Always keep a copy!

We designed it to protect your data, even if your device being stolen or destroyed. You can sync encrypted files through our cloud and restore them in case something bad happens.

Not only a passsword

You need your password to decrypt a file. But you also need something else, which is placed in your device. It's a piece of hardware that protects your files from all the different threat scenarios (like your file and password being stolen at the same time).

Meet Sara, the Photographer

She's a freelance artist

Sara is a professional photographer. She often photographs important people and works for newspapers. It's very important to her to protect her intellectual property and safeguard it from being destroyed or deleted.

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