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Organize your files using your web browser

It’s as simple as dragging and dropping files on the screen.

By uploading files, you encrypt and protect them.

But we also have more cool things you can use to make your life with files easier!

Team work!

You can create personal folders for your team members or clients. You can set different privileges for any structure on your drive, and track download history.

File versions!

No need to worry about overwriting files! Our versioning system lets you access all previous versions of a file. This will protect you from mistakes made by others.


You can synchronize folders on your device with other devices. If you have friends using the same device, you can use a protected network to exchange important files with them.

Talk to other people in real privacy

Simply enter the email address of the person you want to talk to.

A simple interface allows you to talk to many people at the same time

You can exchange files during the private session, and we’ll make sure nobody is listening in.


When you use your camera and microphone, you send a signal directly to all conference members. There is nothing in the middle, so nothing can be recorded. We encrypt your video and audio, so people who try to catch your signal will see only "garbage" that can't be decoded.


You can start your conference right away, or use our scheduling system. You can set the conference in the future and invite other team members and clients. They will receive a link to a secured conference room 15 minutes before the event. You can integrate the meeting with your calendar.

No software needed

There’s no need to install anything on a computer. You just need to have access to the internet and a modern web browser. We make sure it's easy to use!

Protect your home or office computers from viruses!

A simple network filter helps you keep computers and smartphones clean.

We help filter out bad internet content.

When someone from your network tries to access a suspicious website, we will block it.

Easy setup

Installation is simple. You only need to change one simple setting on your computer or router – and that's

Trusted partners

We're use top security partners (like Kaspersky Labs and McAfee) to help you filter content.


Your device doesn’t only look out for viruses and malware. You can use it to prevent your home and kids from adult content, too

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