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Why it’s secure?

First, we encrypt everything. Second, you set the keys. Third, we block our access to your device. That means the only person able to do something with the data on your device is you, the owner of the master key. Even if someone comes to us and asks us for access, we can’t give it to them. .

How do you secure the data?

We encrypt every single file using your master key, in connection with hardware key installed on your device. To decrypt it, you need to have both – the device and the password. So even if someone steals your file and knows your password, they can’t decode the file without your device.

How I can benefit from decentralization?

Your device uses our cloud only as a transportation layer. That means we don’t touch or transfer your information; everything is coming from your device. We just give you the highway to do it in an easy way. What's more our cloud servers base in Switzerland!

Do you really cut yourself free from the device?

Yes, we are cutting ourselves free from your device to give you full privacy. We don’t know your keys, and we can’t download your keys. Even if someone asks us for access to your device, we just can’t give it to them because of the way we designed BOX.

What if someone breaks into my device – can he decrypt the files?

We designed BOX to protect against that type of situation. The answer is: NO, HE CAN'T DECRYPT THE FILES. We keep your encryption key in dynamic memory. That’s why we ask you to enter the key every time your device is disconnected from a power supply!

What if someone steals the device?

He steals a piece of hardware – and that’s it! None of the information can be decrypted without your master key. When the burglar disconnects the device from the power supply, he’s cutting himself off from the data.

How you protect data from being destroyed?

We use two drives in Raid mode, so every file has a local copy. If one drive fails, you can restore it from another drive. We also give you the possibility to sync your drive with a cloud service, like AMAZON S3. You can send your encrypted files there (actually, your device can do that automatically). It’s secure, because all files are encrypted!

What if my device is broken or stolen, and I need to recover its data from the cloud?

It’s easy. We supply you with a recovery system that will help you sync files from the cloud to your BOX. Then using your master key, you can decode the data to a new device! It can take some time if you have 1TB of data, but your data can be fully recovered.

What are you using to encrypt the files?

We use 256-Bit AES encryption, the most secure algorithm available today. We also use our own “add-ons” to make it even more secure.

What do you use to secure data transfers to and from my device?

Every BOX has its own professional SSL certificate, from positive SSL or rapid SSL. That gives you the full protection in case someone tries to steal your data during a data transfer. What’s more, for syncing or transferring your files inside your private cloud, we use double encryption, which means we always send encrypted files.

What users need to log in to the system?

They have their own login and password. When they access your private cloud, they see only what you want them to see. BOX’s full privilege system allows you to hide files from particular users or make the files read-only.

Do you have some other authentication methods for users?

Yes. You can use double authentication using F2A. In this case, before a user logs in to the system, he needs to enter a code that will be sent to his mobile. So only the person with the assigned mobile phone can access your cloud.

Can I disable public internet access to my device?

Yes, you can choose one of three security levels. One of them is “Internal use”, so you can access the device only from your office. If you want, you can also use “restricted access” and allow only trusted computers to access your private cloud from the internet.

But what if I will disable internet access to the BOX?

No problem! You can still use it in local area network. The only difference is you need to use local IP address of your device instead of our web-address

What if my device breaks and the drives are wrecked?

We suggest that you back up in the cloud. It’s secure in case of a total failure (disks break – even with the best possible protection!). You can get from us (buy or if you have a warranty replace it) new device and you can sync your files from your drive. Easy!

Why your calls secure?

Your device is only used as a meeting point. It generates a room and sends people one-time tickets before the conversation. People connect to the room using a web browser, and then start the conversation. And that’s where your device’s role ends. All the people inside the room create a direct channel (Peer-2-Peer) with all the other parties. All data, like video and audio, are transferred directly to the web browser of all other parties. Your BOX doesn’t transfer any sensitive data whatsoever. That model is called MESH. We also add MESH to exchanging signalization to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks

What encryption is used in video and audio communication?

We use SSL encryption to send all media between hosts. That gives you 256-bit encryption and 2048-bit key protection

What if someone breaks into the BOX and tries to get into the room?

Once people are inside the room, their ticket expires. If someone gets someone else’s ticket, he can’t connect or take over the media connection. That’s why we set signalization in MESH to prevent this type of attack.

Do I need to install anything to use your videoconferences?

No! All parties need only a modern web browser to talk. No need for any additional software!

What do I need to set up a videoconference?

You need only the email addresses of the people who want to talk. That’s all!

Can I connect my device to the internet using WiFi?

Yes. When you log in to your BOX, you can connect your device to your Wi-Fi connection.

What if my device is broken?

If your device is broken and you have a warranty, we will replace it with a new one. (Of course, only in cases where it wasn’t broken on purpose.) We’ll send you a brand new device, and you can sync files from the cloud to your new piece of hardware.

How secure is your data transfer?

If you use SSL encryption for a data transfer, your data are just a mess for your service provider. So all their systems ignore it as TRASH. Systems like DPI ( Deep Packet Inspection ) can’t analyze them. SSL is still the standard for secure data transfer to this day.

What about overwriting files?

Your Box secures that, too. Every time you upload a file with the same name to your drive, you overwrite the main file, but you also have access to all previous versions of it. Of course, you also have information about who uploads and downloads the file and, what’s more, who overwrites the files.

What's inside the device?

Inside BOX is a modern Banana PI M1+ A7 Cortex ARM device with 1Gb of DDR3, WiFi and SATA. There are also 2x1TB silent 2.5” drives working in RAID mode, and a 16GB Adata card with High IO possibilities.

How many people can work on one device?

We don't limit the number of BOX users, so you can invite as many people as you like.

What is the maximum file size?

A 1TB file is allowed.

Does the client need an account on a device to use the file-drop system?

No! Because of security reasons, the client has his own space for dropping the files. This is separated from the drive. The client goes to a specially generated website to drop their files. They don’t need an account on the device. You just need to enter the client’s email address.

Can I use it in Local network only?

Yes! Remember even when you use your web address attached to your device, securedbox always try to estabilish connection in the shortest possible way. If you work in the same network as your device your traffic will go local ( even if you use our device ). We use UPNP to transfer port from our domain directly to your device, nothing is transfered through our server untill there is a total must for that. Even then we transfer Encrypted data in encrypted channel, just helping you to go through the IT things you don't want to worry about (for example NAT)

But if I want, can I force it to work only in local network?

Yes! You can lock the public access to your device any time, device will evaluate users and don't allow to access anyone outside your network. So your BOX can stay connected to the internet but you can lock down the access from the internet

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