Protect your files, talks and computers

from thieves, competition, and governments that want to destroy your right to privacy!
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You just need one securedbox to protect what's important to you

How does it work?

Just connect your securedbox to the internet

No IT knowledge needed!

Just follow the simple instructions, and after 3 minutes your securedbox will be ready to use. You just need a web browser to explore the system’s possibilities.

Your securedbox provides you with a full range of encrypted solutions.

Use it to organize and store your files, or share them with your team members or clients.

Start encrypted Peer-2-Peer videoconferences using the email addresses of your clients and team members.

Analyze traffic within your network to prevent your people from malware and viruses.

Why you should use securedbox

Home or office

The best possible place to store your data is your home or office. If you keep your data in a public cloud, others can access it without informing you

Full encryption

Your home or office protects access to your securedbox. To protect your data from almost 200 potential attacks, we encrypt everything: files, transmissions, video, audio, and your network DNS.

Public or Private

You can limit the access to your securedbox in any way you like. You can access it from anywhere in the world, or limit it to your office or home network.