One device that covers
all your privacy needs

Encrypted storage, conference calls in your private cloud
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Secured Communication, Drive and Drop
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Store files on an encrypted drive in your private cloud

An advanced device that prevents your data from being stolen, destroyed or infiltrated

AES encrypted files

Every file in your BOX is secured using 2048-bit key encryption. Only your BOX can decrypt the files

In your office not the public cloud

All data are stored on the hard drives in the BOX in your office. You can use it as a public cloud, but you still maintain full control over the data.

Restricted access

You decide who and when gets access to your files. A full-privilege system allow your people to work together on one BOX with full respect for data privacy.

File history

You have full knowledge who downloads or uploads files. What’s more, we store versions of files so you can go back to a previous one when needed.

Hardware protection

We store your data on two hard drives using RAID, so if one goes down, the second one will recover it. We protect your files physically!

Theft protection

Anyone who steals your BOX can't access your files. We use an innovative system that decodes files only when you access them using your personal access key.

Make secure Video calls

Connect people in a Peer-2-Peer videoconference

Audio and Video communication

File-Drop System for your clients

Your clients can use a secure website to transfer a file directly to your protected BOX

Your customers use a dedicated website
to drop and deliver files

Files are visible on your Cloud-Secured Drive in
the client folder. All files are encrypted and secured.

Who’s it for?

Personal use

If you're a professional, you can use BOX to store and share your private data in secure way. BOX looks nice, so you can feel good about putting in your home.

Small business

If you're a small business owner, you can use BOX to store data and communicate with whole your team. A privileges system allows you to set personal sections and control what people download and upload.


If you're an enterprise, you can attach our High-end BOX with larger storage to your intranet solution

How does it work?

You don't need any special skills or help from your IT people. You can do it by yourself!

Just connect to your WIFI or ETHERNET

Follow the simple instructions, and after 5 minutes you’ll be making secured conference calls and sharing the drive with all your employees – all from your personal SecuredBOX!

Don't wait - secure your company now!

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